Bomber Command letter from F/Sgt Jones’ mother – 1944
The CWGC entry for F/Sgt Albert Patrick Jones records that he was the twenty-one year-old son of David and Margaret Jones and husband of Irene May Jones of Aberdeen. Jones was mid-upper gunner in 166 Squadron Lancaster ME624 of F/Sgt Roy Fennell, lost on the Nuremberg raid 30th/31st March 1944. A very sad record, but as ever, a little research tells more.
Genealogy records suggest that Albert Jones and Irene May Robson married on 1st January 1944 in Aberdeen. The likelihood must surely be that Jones had been stationed at an RAF establishment in the proximity of Aberdeen with Irene living near at hand or perhaps, Irene had been in the forces – a WAAF maybe and it was she who was stationed in the Aberdeen area? Perhaps Jones had been instructing at RAF Lossiemouth (20 OTU) or RAF Kinloss (19 OTU) – hence his arrival without crew-mates at 166 Squadron for a new operational posting. Had the prospect of flying operations prompted their marriage? By 5th January F/Sgt Jones A P found himself in the mid-upper turret of
Lancaster W4376 on his way to Stettin.
Albert Patrick Jones (birth records have him as – Patrick Albert) was born in June 1922 in Cardiff to Dai and Margaret Jones (née Griffin) – apparently the youngest of their four children. Soon after her son was posted missing Margaret Jones wrote to pilot Roy Fennell’s mother from her home at 77 Strathnairn Street, Roath, Cardiff.:-
Dear Mrs Fennell,
I am Mrs Jones, I had the sad news
that my son F/Sgt Jones was killed
on 31st March. He was on
the same Lancaster as your
son. He was a mid upper gunner.
Well my dear what news
have you had I hope it
is good. Will you please let
me know if you have heard
anything as I can’t believe
it. Please excuse bad writing
as I am in a dream and
a muddle. I don’t know
what I am doing. I will
close now awaiting some
good news from you.
I remain yours truly,
Mrs M Jones.
Many thanks to Wayne in Vancouver for the letter which I think completely encapsulates the feelings of a mother bereft at the loss of her son.
Can anyone supply more information about Albert Patrick Jones please?


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