Dedicated Honours 2


Dedicated Honours 2


P/O John Athelstan Crabtree

Many thanks to Keith Crabtree for telling me about his elder brother P/O John Athelstan Crabtree – known in close family circles as ‘Athel’.

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Josiah Lewis Spiller

A photograph of a young man who has survived a gruelling drawn out nightmare of a time.

Although he is a survivor there is I think great sadness in his eyes’. – David Spiller

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Lilian Noble

Lilian Noble joined London’s Civil Defence organisation at the outbreak of the Second World War at the age of 19. Lilian apparently secured her first job for the British Postal Telephone service as a telephonist in August 1936.

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Norman Lyford

Relatives of two of the crew of 44 Squdron Lancaster ND514 lost on the Berlin raid on 30th/31st January 1944

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John Minty (Jock)

News from Massachusetts, USA has confirmed that Sgt ‘Jock’ Minty the Ives crew’s first navigator at 30OTU was another character with an interesting background.

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William James Allan

Sgt William James Allan RAAF lost his life on the infamous Nuremburg raid of 30th/31st March 1944 when Lancaster ME624 AS-X of 166 Squadron flown by F/Sgt Roy Fennell was shot down by a night-fighter and crashed on Giessen airfield

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