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John Proctor Talks To Nick Coffer On BBC Three Counties Radio Talking About His New Book..

Published on 5 Oct 2012

Does Life Hold Any More in Store? John Proctor talking to Nick Coffer on 3 counties radio about his book. 100 Squadron 625 626 Squadrons WW2 RAF, Bomber Command Can You Help With Names research

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Avro Lancaster Information

A short history of the Avro Lancaster

An Avro Lancaster Mk III such as ND360 was powered by four Packard-Merlin 38 engines, each rated at 1,390 horsepower, fed through Bendix Stromberg pressure-injected carburettors.  The empty weight of the machine – the structure, power-plants, fuel and oil tanks (empty) was 31,642lbs (14tons).  Added to this the ‘fixed military load’ of 5,169lbs gave a ‘tare weight’ of 36,811lbs (16.43 tons).  In addition the crew, removable military load, fuel and oil, bombs and carriers added a further (notionally) 28,189lbs (12.58 tons) to give a gross weight of 65,000lbs or 29.017 tons.  Take-off power is listed as 6,440 bhp.

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Published on 17 Jun 2012

This video is from the 1986 ‘Wings of the Storm’ documentary on ABC narrated by Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell.

It features memories of RAAF and WAAF veterans from Bomber Command.

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Published on 3 Jan 2013

I recently discovered this VHS recording dated June 1979. This was the year that affordable domestic video recorders first became available in the UK. Therefore, this ancient recording of mine must be one of the oldest VHS copy of a live broadcast originating in the UK available anywhere.

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War Times Stories Of Real People Within the Three Counties And Surrounding Area’s

28/04/2014  Margaret Stannard  – Berkhamsted, Herts

It would seem that Potten End has some untold stories that the older generation could unravel regarding their war time experiences.  As we have just moved into sheltered accomodation and are surrounded by many of the older generation it would be a very pleasant task to try to find out some of those untold stories.

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