Research 4


Research List 4

30OTU RAF Hixon 4-12-42 to 31-3-43

27OTU RAF Church Broughton 1-4-43 to 8-7-43

F/Sgt McPherson –

F/O Wharton DFC – Likely to be A404566 F/O Alan Wharton.

S/Ldr H H Grant-Dalton  OC ‘C’ Flight – 88036 Acting  S/Ldr Hugh  Harold Grant-Dalton, pilot, received his commission to P/O from LAC on 7 th  November 1940

Sgt Duke – 640975 Sgt Stanley George Duke RAFVR.

Sgt Geoffrey Yates – 1237041 Sgt Geoffrey  ‘Curly’ Yates. Ives crew’s B/A

Sgt Andrews – Thought to have been the Ives crew’s original W/Op- Ag.

Sgt Boylan – Possibly 1109107

F/Sgt Stephen McQueen Boylan, P/O 145665 w.e.f. 1-4-43, gaz. 29 th  June 1943.

F/O Tilbury – 1251925 Peter Robert Hickman Tilbury,P/O 69641.

Sgt Knight –

F/S Peacock –

Sgt Minty – Sgt John Minty crewed up with Jim Ives at 30OTU RAF Hixon as navigator.’Jock’ Minty dedicated  page.

F/S Guy – Possibly 171285 P/O William Francis Guy, commissioned w.e.f. 20-1-44.

Sgt Daniels –

S/Ldr Parker OC ‘C’ Flight – Possibly 37609 Sqn Ldr Douglas Parker DFC & Bar.

F/Lt C Bartlett Officer i/c link trainer –

27OTU RAF Church Broughton 1-4-43 to 8-7-43

F/O Wright (subsequently F/Lt) –

F/O Ormonroyd – Probably F/O Frank Ormonroyd DFM, commissioned w.e.f. 24 th  January 1942.

F/Lt Miller DFC  – Possibly 86425

F/Lt Ninian S Miller DFC   Or – 937643 LAC N S Miller commissioned w.e.f. 8 th  September 1940

2 passengers ATC –

F/O Clarke –

F/Sgt McKiggan – A407530 P/O M E McKiggan RAAF, killed on a training flight on 6th November 1943

F/Sgt Galley – Possibly F/Sgt S Galley, A/g with 156 crew of  F/Lt L Kilvington RAAF DFC, shot down

20 th /21 st  January 1944, P.o.W. 171173

P/O Samuel Galley was commissioned w.e.f. 20-1- 44.

Capt. Hooper USAAF – It is assumed that Captain Hooper was a combat pilot with the US Eighth Air Force.

S/Ldr Coton OC ‘D’ Flight – 70851 Sqn Ldr Elmer Coton DFC & Bar AFC RAFVR.

Sgt Goodrick –  A415522 James Thomas Goodrick RAAF, joined Jim Ives’s crew at 27 OTU in the

summer of 1943 as replacement Nav.

Sgt Hay – 1330616

Sgt Evander William C Hay joined the Ives crew as wireless operator, probably during the early stages of 27OTU course.

Evander Hay dedicated page.

W/Co Barclay OC Training Wing 27 OTU –

Sgt R C Claypole Link Trainer Section –