Batterie de Maisy


Batterie de Maisy

The Batterie de Maisy was an integral part of the German Atlantic Wall around the Utah and Omaha beaches.

Covering both beaches with six 155mm artillery emplacements, the battery opened fire on the liberating troops landing on the beaches below.

After 5 long hours, the assault by the 5th and 2nd American Rangers finally silenced the guns here.

Buried for over 60 years, the site has been excavated and you can now visit the 1.5 km of trenches, tunnels and underground constructions, as well as the gun emplacements themselves…

I do have more photo’s from this place if you so wish to view them, I will upload them to the gallery at a later date John and I are trying to work out how it is best to keep the site in sections our main focus as always is Raf Squadrons 100 , 625, 626