Research 5


Research List 5

1662 CU RAF Blyton 1-8-43 to 10-10-43

F/Lt Hagerman DFC – F/Lt Douglas Cresswell Hagerman DFC & Bar RCAF. formerly with 12 Squadron F/Lt Hagerman.

Sgt Clift – Sgt Sidney Clift DFM, later P/O w.e.f. 24 th  October 1943.

Sgt Clift is noted in 1662CU records in September as having received  a DFM for gallantry/ meritorious service with 101 Squadron

Sgt Bell – 1396855 Sgt Donald Charles Bell, ‘Dinger’,

was the flight engineer with Jim’s 625 Squadron crew having joined them at 1662 CU. When the crew was split up Sgt Bell was transferred out to 103 Squadron  where he joined F/Sgt Frank Law’s crew.

Sgt Cloutman (not named in log book but recalled by Geoff Yates)- Sgt William ‘Big Bill’ Cloutman RCAF A/g with Ives crew at 1662CU.

Went on to join the 12 Squadron crew of P/O Cyril Kroemer.

Sgt Moreton – possibly Sgt Harry Moreton F/E who finished his tour with 12 Squadron crew of F/Sgt M J Wells DFM RNZAF on 25 th  June 1943.

F/O Jones – Possibly 133632 F/O Vernon Llewellyn Bowen Jones, later 100 Squadron,

Jones promoted to F/O w.e.f. 6 th  May 1943.

Sgt Wadsworth – Probably P/O PhilipWadsworth flight engineer instructor, later killed on operations

with 156 Squadron crew of  W/C E C Eaton.

F/O Benée – F/O Edgar William ‘Bill’ Benée had flown a tour of operations with 101 Squadron, following which he was posted as an instructor  to 1662 CU.

P/O Wales –

Sgt Law’s crew – Sgt Law went on to fly operations with 103 Squadron.

It seems that one of his crew members at 27 OTU,

Sgt White was killed in a flying accident on 4 th  April 1942.

Law’s crew was decimated by other losses:- Sgt Robert Blyton Stocks (f.eng.)

was killed while flying with F/S McMahon on 24/12/43.

Law’s original navigator Sgt Mackay dropped out after four operations.

F/Sgt Thomas Leslie Hobson Kay RAAF B/A., from Redhead NSW and Sgt Cyril Walter Plampton (a/g)

were lost flying with F/S Richter on 16/12/43 ‘Black Thursday’.

Sgt Jack Bays Daniel from Huntington, Yorks. (a/g) was lost flying with F/L Hopps on 2/12/43.

Sgt Ronald Sydney Johnstone W/Op,Ag from Newcastle, Staffordshire d. 20-2-44.

F/O Ralph – possibly F/O (later F/Lt) James Clarence Ralph DFM RNZAF, from Mount Eden, Auckland City late of 101 Squadron.  F/L Ralph went on to 156 Squadron with whom he lost his life on 3 rd  January 1944.

F/S McGowan – Probably an instructor, accompanied the crew on a bombing exercise, so assumed to be a B/A.  F/Lt Tuckwell OC B2 Flt – Probably 101034 F/Lt  John Roscoe Tuckwell DFC RAFVR.

Elevated to rank of  F/Lt w.e.f. 5 th  July 1943 having served previously with 101 Squadron.

W/Co E C Eaton, OC 1662 CU. –  37224 W/Co (later G/C) Eric Cecil ‘Ginger’ Eaton DFC later killed

while serving with 156 Squadron